ABS Opening tool for 3 * kitemark cylinders


Model: WL1011
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This new tool is able to defeat the 3* Kitemark ABS lock in seconds, meaning that you can easily open these locks without requiring any other tools.

It is a semi-destructive tool as it snaps some internal pins, however the original key will still work in the cylinder afterwards

The kit comes complete with:
The tool itself
5 different blade attachments
Foam inserts


Each of the 5 different blades come with a magnet in each posiition for the ABS lock. The foam inserts are different sizes to put in each position in the blade profile to where the pins will be sitting. The tweezers are there to help putting the foam inserts onto the blade easier.

As the position of the magnet changes from lock to lock on the ABS cylinder, to find out where the magnet is you simply need to put a pick in the end of the cylinder profile and push every pin out of the way one at a time until you find the right position of the magnet.

Within a few seconds, gently rocking the tool side to side using light pressure, the ABS cylinder will open.

See the video for more detail.

Video Link 1

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