Key Clone Package 1 – 4D Cloning Kit


This fantastic 4D Cloning Kit comes complete with 1 x Genuine Lishi Key Cloner, 1 x 4D Decoder Box, 5 x CN1 chips, 5 x CN2 chips and 5 x T5 chips! Save £128.

Model: WL898
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This fantastic 4D Cloning Kit comes complete with 1 x Genuine Lishi Key Cloner, 1 x 4D Decoder Box, 5 x CN1 chips, 5 x CN2 chips and 5 x T5 chips! Save £128.65+VAT on individual prices!!!

Genuine Lishi Key Cloner
This Key Cloner Machine has been updated for Genuine Lishi Specifications. We also offer a 12months return to office warranty. In summary, the Key Cloner Machine is able to identify the transponder, write the transponder codes, copy the transponder and calculate the eeprom memory. It can then calculate Transponder Codes from the eeprom memory and calculate the pin-codes from the Eeprom memory from using the chassis or the Transponder. The machine can also test the transponder and generate fixed transponder codes. We strongly suggest that the machine is used with 4D and 46 mold which is the new and original versions.

Firstly, the machine is able to copy all fixed transponders, as listed below:

A- Temic 11
B- Temic 12
C- Megamos 13
D- Philips 33
E- Texas 4C

Secondly, the machine can copy most crypto transponders:

A- Philips Crypto 42
B- Philips Crypto 44 VAG
C- Philips Crypto 45
D- Texas Crypto 4D
E- Some Philips Crypto 40 and 41

This machine is able to show information about all transponders, including the transponder types, transponder codes, whether they are locked or not, the car brand, the Eeprom codes and finally the pin-codes. It is able to calculate Eeprom logics from the transponder memory:

A - Temic 11 transponder (3 Bytes)
B- Temic 12 transponder (5 Bytes)
C- Megamos 13 transponder (4 Bytes)
D- Texas 4C transponder (4 Bytes)
E- Philips 33 Transponder (4 Bytes)

It can also calculate transponder logics from eeprom logics
A- BMW Philips 33 rolling Transponder
B- Opel Philips crypto 40 Transponder
C- VAG Philips crypto 42 Transponder
D- Vw Philips crypto 44 Transponder
E- Renault , Vw , Honda Rover, Opel, Alfa-Romeo Philips 33 Transponder
F- Fiat Palio - Siena Temic 11 Transponder
G- Mercedes Vito, sprinter, Vw Volt Temic 12 Transponder
H- Toyota 4C Transponder
I- Fiat Tipo- Tempra Megamos 13 Transponder
J- Fiat Second Generation Megamos 48 Transponder

This machine can calculate pin codes from transponders, and particularly, the Renault Philips 33 (4 Digits), and Peugeot Philips crypto 45 (4 Digits). It can calculate pin-codes form chassis numbers, and the transpronics can calculate the pin-codes for Hyundai and Kia using the last 6 digits of the chassis number.

As you know, new system cars lock the transponder during the programming. So you can not use these transponders again; however the Transpronics can unlock most megamos crypto transponders with its high technology. We can therefore say that it can unlock most of the 48 transponders.

The Key Cloner allows you to generate Crypto Transponders from blank Crypto transponders for Renault -Chrysler and Jeep. You can generate 46 Renault ?¨C Chrysler and Jeep transponders from blank 46 transponders.

Finally, the key cloner allows you to generate transponder logics for fixed transponders. The Transponics have several other Special Updates which are optional and can be purchased via your distributor. They allow the user the use of a Private Programme that can only be used by the designated user.

4D Decoder Box
The 4D Decoder connects directly with Genuine Lishi Key Cloner so that you can copy 4D chip with no need to connect to a laptop. Simply plus the unit into the Genuine Lishi Key Cloner power lead, connect the cable and then finally connect the power cord from the 4D back to the Genuine Lishi Cloner and you are all set to go.

For all UK shipments, we ship using a first class ‘signed for’ recorded service or a courier service depending on weight. For international shipments, please contact us for a quote for shipment and courier service options

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