Ford Tibbe pick with leather case.


This is a unique pick, designed to pick all Ford Tibbe locks.

Model: WL118
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This is a unique pick, designed to pick all Ford Tibbe locks.

The design allows each disk to be easily picked individually and allows the user to see the full code at an instant once picked.

A clever and intricate design and construction consisting of a set of tubes which fit inside each other. Each has a small disk at one end designed to fit inside each lock wafer and a large reader disk and thumbturners on the other.  These tools are very delicate due to the nature of their manufacture and as such are non returnable or refundable if broken.

See the video for more details.


Video Link 1

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p doolan - 22nd November 13

I work for a major breakdown and I have to deal with lockouts on a daily basis,still amazes me how people still lock their keys in their cars especially on the later models but I have been successful with this device more times than I can count,great piece of kit.