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Pick training set 2

Mortice lock clear plastic covers to allow the practice of mortice lock picking.

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Pick training aid set 2: BS2004
This set of six lock covers is designed for use with the new BS mortice locks and includes a cover set for the ERA five-lever padlock. These are laser cut covers and every drill hole, screw hole and fastening/slot hole has been taken into account for in their design. A unique ICL Fidget has been designed to solve the problem of the ERA Fortress lock and is designed to keep the bolt thrower in place once the front cover has been removed. This set of six covers the following locks: Walsall BS A661 64mm deadlock Securefast skd ... (more)
ICL training aid set 2 covers
These covers are designed to replace the existing metal cover of the lock. However, there are some important notes for some of these locks as follows: Notes for ERA Fortress: The lock should be locked with the key and then the ICL Fidget inserted into the gap to the right of the bolt thrower. This will stop the bolt thrower being sprung to the right under tension. Notes for the ERA padlock: The use of the covers will involve the removal of the padlock faceplate. This will involve the use of a grinder or pillar drill to remove the riv ... (more)
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