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Try-out keys

Our try out keys or mortice lock jiggler keys are suitable for 2 lever and 3 lever mortice locks and require little skill.

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5 lever try out keys (set of 78 keys)
A set of 5 lever try out keys for 5 lever locks with bolt throwers. A simple key set of 78 try-out/jiggler keys, which will work on the old and new type Chubb 3G114, ERA Endurance & Invincible ranges, and the Union KYY series door locks etc. ... (more)
Two-lever try-out key set
  These pick sets will open the majority of the 2 lever locks in use today.   E.g. Yale Union Legge Gibbons Fleet Century etc.   Hardened and tempered for strength thin enough to enter bullet warded locks.   Proven design simple to use.   ... (more)
Three lever try-out key set
This set will open most three-lever mortice locks. This is a full 19 piece set.   ... (more)
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Upgrade for three-lever try out key set
A four-piece upgrade set for the three-lever try out key set. Adds an additional four try-out keys to our, increasing the number from 15 to 19 pieces. An excellent addition which helps tackle the common union 3 lever locks. ... (more)
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