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Drill template kits

Our own designed and made drill template kits cover drill points for all popular mortice locks allowing the easy identification of mortice lock drill points. Complete with keyway locator. The ultimate kit contains all that is required to drill mortice locks including drill bits etc.

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Alpen Premium Hardplate drill bits
The ultimate Premium quality hardplate drill bits made in Austria. Featuring a specially designed and ground Tungsten Carbide tip. Ideal for precise drilling into hardplates and through hardened cylinder pins. Packaging: Individual Wallet Packed ... (more)
Drill template kit
Whilst Walker Locksmiths and the ICL endorse and normally use non-destructive methods, it is sometimes necessary to drill locks – for instance, when they are faulty. This template kit is designed for use with a 4mm drill bit, but larger bits can be used. It contains the drill points for 67 mortice locks, including the new British Standard locks such as the BS Securefast, the Walsall, the Chubb 114e and the ERA Fortress. The kit comes complete with a positioning bar for easy location. ... (more)
Pinks Drill template kit
Once you have perfected Mortice Lock identification, the next thing you may need to know is where the drill points are. This credit card size template is for you! The card is printed on both sides for left and right hand openings. Just locate which side the lock is, put over the key hole and insert a blank key to hold in place. Locate the right hole to drill from the list included and away you go. Fast, easy and accurate! ... (more)
Drill template kit plus
This extended kit contains the drill template, a locating key, a cut-down key to turn curtain, 6mm and 8mm hard plate drill bits, a poke wire with to manipulate levers,and escutcheons and full instructions. ... (more)
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Solid carbide bit
The ultimate drill bit for hardplate and hardened pins. Successfully trialed to drill through hardened pins in all cylinders and mortice hardplate. New carbide drill for drilling Euro Profile and other lock cylinders. Very effective on brass, nickel and hardened pins. Made from Solid Carbide. Can also be used on armoured escutcheons. Size: 6mm x 60mm ... (more)
Hardplate drill bits
These special drill bits are designed specifically for the drilling of locks. They are used by locksmiths and safe engineers to drill through the hardplate protection on locks, and available in four sizes. ... (more)
Economy hard plate drill bits
These drill bits are designed to drill hard plate. ... (more)
Long drill bits for safe work
An additional range of longer drill bits suitable for safe work. ... (more)
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