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Curtain picks

The ultimate range of curtain picks featuring the best on the market. We supply our own designed and made ICL curtain pick as well as the Chris Belcher range of curtain picks as well as the prelifter and chubb 110 picks.

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ICL improved curtain pick
Improved version New two-part handles shown below eliminate any slip of the wire in the handle. Unlike thumb wheel versions which rely on grub screws to grip the wire, this handle design will give enormous strength and will prevent any slippage. New wires have been designed to pick under the lowest levers in mortice locks. Unlike other designs that use a small picking wire glued or braised into a larger shaft, our wires give total flexibility. Try our pick in a BS lock with low levers and compare it to the thicker wires of others. Do ... (more)
The ICL Fortress and low-lever curtain pick
The ICL Fortress pick has been designed to pick the ERA Fortress lock, but will also work on some other locks which require a pre-lift to enable picking. This shows how the pre-lifter raises the levers to the lowest position The basic principle of the pick is that it raises the lever pack all to at least the lowest lever height. This allows some room to move the pick under the lever pack although it will still be tight on some locks. Without the pre-lifter there would no opportunity at all to get a pick under the lever pack ... (more)
Chris Belcher Reverse Pocket curtain pick
Developed by Chris Belcher and designed to open British Standard Mortice Locks, these tools are renowned for being amongst the best in the world. Each set contains a 5g and 7g curtain pick, three double ended wires and a thumb turn, all presented in a stylish display box. ... (more)
Chris Belcher Chubb 110 pick
This pick is designed to allow manual picking of the Chubb Detainer locks, such as the 3R35, 3K70, 3J60, and the 110. It allows the operator to have far more control over the picking procedure for these types of locks. This is a useful addition to any locksmith's tool kit. The tool is extremely robust and allows for the picking of left- and right-hand mounted locks using the now well-known CB reversible picking wire. Previously the picking of detainer locks has been somewhat hit and miss. Once mastered with this tool, however, openin ... (more)
Chris Belcher Chubb 110 decoder
This decoder is designed for use with the Chris Belcher Chubb 110 pick. ... (more)
Chris Belcher pre-lifter pick
The original E Pick version of the RPCP range has evolved, and has now been specifically manufactured with the modification to defeat the ERA Fortress, the Chubb 114E, etc. This tool can also be used on the Chubb 114 older versions of locks. The RPCP Pre-Lifter is designed to lift all levers fractionally to allow ease of passage for the picking wire. The tool has its own unique picking wire, and only light tension is required when picking. This tool comes in a wooden presentation box case. ... (more)
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