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Misc master and utility keys

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6 in 1 Utility key
The 6-in-1 Utili-Key is one of the lightest, most compact multiple tools ever developed! It's shaped like a Yale key and designed to fit discretely on a key-ring, however it's much more than that! Slide it open and it is a micro multi-tool featuring: Bottle opener  Phillips screwdriver Flat screw-driver Serrated blade Straight blade Eyeglass screwdriver Perfect size to keep handy and a life-saver when you desperately need to open a crown lid bottle. ... (more)
ASSA MK1 29220 Master Key
ASSA MK1 Assa 29220 Master Key ... (more)
Master handcuff key
Master handcuff key , fits standard issue UK handcuffs. ... (more)
Ronis CC master key set
For Ronis locker and desk locks Includes: PCC01 PCC02 PCC06 PCC32 PCC33 ... (more)
Window key set - set 1
A set of 30 of the most popular window keys.  ... (more)
Window key set - set 2
A set of 29 popular window keys ... (more)
Radiator key - 1
Radiatot key ... (more)
MK Light switch key
MK light switch key ... (more)
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