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Chris Belcher Universal 7 gauge "2 in 1"  Safe Pick Set
Orginally designed for safe locks but a great kit for all 7 gauge non curtained locks. The Un..
£98.95 + VAT
Chris Belcher Reverse Pocket curtain pick
Developed by Chris Belcher and designed to open British Standard Mortice Locks, these tools are r..
£159.95 + VAT
Chris Belcher Chubb 110 pick
This pick is designed to allow manual picking of the Chubb Detainer locks, such as the 3R35, 3K70..
£149.95 + VAT
Chris Belcher Chubb 110 decoder
This decoder is designed for use with the Chris Belcher Chubb 110 pick. ..
£74.99 + VAT
Chris Belcher pre-lifter pick
The original E Pick version of the RPCP range has evolved, and has now been specifically manufact..
£149.95 + VAT