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Tubular lock picks

A range of tubular lock picks to suit 7 and 8 pin locks, available in different diameters.

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Southord 7 pin tubular pick TPXA-7
The new SouthOrd tubular lock picks allow adjustment of picking needle pressure, giving them the versatility to pick even tubular locks with higher spring pressures. Each pick has a comfortable, slip resistant rubber handle  ... (more)
GOSO 7.8mm tubular lock pick
Will pick 7-pin radial locks. Suits the tubular locks used on bicycle 'D' locks etc ... (more)
Klom 7 pin tubular lock pick
The Klom 7 pin tubular lock pick comes complete with a case and measuring gauge to decode the lock. ... (more)
HPC 7-pin tubular lock pick
This top of the range HPC tubular lock pick works on 7-pin tubular locks. The pick features the Quick Reset button – just push the button and push the barrel to reset the pick. The Quick Reset has an aluminum handle, stainless steel barrel, spring steel feelers and comes in a genuine leather case complete with a decoder so you can read the lock and use the code to have a key cut. ... (more)
Three-piece 7 pin tubular pick set
A three-piece 7 pin tubular pick set comprising of a tubular pick in each of three sizes: 7mm, 7.5mm and 7.8mm. ... (more)
Majestic 7-pin and 8-pin tubular lock picks
These majestic tubular picks will pick either 7-pin or 8-pin radial locks, and come complete with a reader gauge to supply the code for the cutting of new keys. ... (more)
GOSO 7.5mm tubular lock pick
Will pick 7-pin radial locks. Suits the tubular locks used on bicycle 'D' locks etc ... (more)
Tubular lock cutter
A fast and effective way to drill out tubular locks. Fits any standard drill. ... (more)
tubular lock guage
A tubular lock guage for measuring the depths on the tubular lock picks and providing a code for key cutting. Can also be used to measure keys directly for code. ... (more)
Practice tubular lock
A tubular lock complete with key, cam and retaining nut. Ideal for practice. ... (more)
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