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Repinning tools

A range of repinning tools including pin sets, foil shims, repinning tweezers, plug followers, plug holders etc

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Circlip pliers
Pliers used for re-fixing circlips used on Euro, Oval and Rim cylinders. Essential tool for assembling and re-keying cylinders. ... (more)
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Circlip removal tool
A new hand tool to help remove circlips from Euro Profile and Rim Cylinders. Works on both spring steel circlips and the softer brass and mild steel versions. Fitted with one blade and complete with a spare. ... (more)
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RePinning Kit
A boxed pinning kit for the popular cylinder locks containing 85 sizes of coloured pins in 5 thou. increments. The steel carrying case has a moulded plastic insert tray with compartments for tweezers, followers and springs. All pins are colour coded for easy identification. ... (more)
Bag of 25 cylinder shims
A bag of 25 thin curved metal shims designed to allow the shimming of cylinders so they can be repinned and rebuilt with ease. ... (more)
Foil shim holder
A cleverly worked out holder which will firmly hold foil cylinder shims, making the shimming of cylinders much easier. ... (more)
Repinning bag
A repinning bag of Yale-style standard pins for repinning of standard cylinders. An assortment bag of pins: contents will vary. ... (more)
Repinning tweezers
A tweezer set specifically designed to allow the repinning of cylinders, so that the pin can be held and pushed down into the chamber at the same time. Complete with full instructions. ... (more)
Illuminated plug follower
The Illuminated Plug follower is made of a bright translucent plastic that illuminates the interior of the cylinder housing.This provides exceptional light in the inside of the cylinder, which makes loading the pins much easier. ... (more)
Spring-loaded plug follower
This plug follower is designed to enable the disassembly of cylinders without the top pins being dislodged.The adjustable follower is designed to suit all plug sizes between 12.6mm to 15.2mm. The bar is spring loaded therefore ensuring a constant pressure keeping everything together whilst working on the cylinder. ... (more)
Plug holder
This plug holder is made of hardened bar stock and holds many popular plugs, including Arrow, Corbin, Kwikset, Lockwood, Sargent, Schlage, Weiser and Yale.It has a built in feature so it can be held in a vice. ... (more)
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