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A full range of lock picking guns including electric pick guns such as the KLOM electric pick gun, KLOM manual snap gun, the HPC electric pick gun, the DINO electric pick gun, premium electric pick guns and all accessories including spares and spare pick blades.

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Dino electric pick gun - UK version
Dino’s new electric pick gun provides excellent results, with far more features than any other gun on the market. These Features Include: Ergonomic gun style handle to provide greater comfort and lighter picking control. High performance with Li-ion battery Low battery indicator Quick adjustable tension White LED light to illuminate the lock front Supplied with a protective carrying case, A UK charger and a large assortment of picking blades ... (more)
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Mini Rechargeable Electric Pick Gun
A mini rechargeable electric pick gun complete with battery and charger, small and practical and fits into the palm of your hand or your pocket. Complete with hard case for protection. Requires a shaver socket style adapter or continental adapter for UK charging. Just 170mm in length. 3.7volts/3000mAh.   ... (more)
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Southord electric pick gun E500XT
E500XT SouthOrd began manufacturing electric lock picks in 1992 with the E100C, followed by the E100HO, and both were remarkable successes. As time passed, improvements were made and in 2006, the E110 Series of electric lock picks was introduced. We’ve taken the volume of knowledge gained in the past 15 years of manufacturing high quality electric picks and the result is the new fifth generation E500XT Electric Lock Pick. This pick provides high power in a compact tool…comfortable, easy to use, and covered by a six month warranty for both pa ... (more)
Southord snap gun LAT -17
The snap gun was developed decades ago to allow police officers who were not skilled in the art of lock picking to open locks with minimal instruction. SouthOrd has made the first real advance in snap gun technology since its invention. The new Stainless Steel LAT-17 utilizes an adjusting screw to allow the user to control the play in the trigger, and the slip resistant grips provide added comfort. Comes with picking needles, tension tool and instructions. Warranted for one year, from date of purchase, against manufacturing defects. ... (more)
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HPC electric pick gun
This reliable HPC gun allows for the easy opening of pin and disk tumbler cylinders. Complete with pick blades and tension tools, it features a thumbscrew for adjustable action. Made in the USA, a UK plug is included. ... (more)
Premium electric pick gun - gen 4 - new 2016 version
The best value Electronic Pick Gun in the World just got a whole lot better. We re-developed the 4th Generation  Electric Lock Gun from the original EPG, to overcome several issues which inexperienced locksmiths faced while using it. The Generation 4 EPG  is developed for easier learning and work for novice locksmiths all the while making the overall work of experienced locksmiths easier. As with all other  tools and accessories we strive to offer our customers not on ... (more)
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Dimple snap gun
This snap gun is designed for dimple locks, with ten attachments to fit a range of dimple-style locks. It comes complete in a hard case. ... (more)
Klom snap gun - downward version
The Klom Snap Gun, complete with blades and tension tool, come in two versions: the original "upwards" version, and the new "downwards" version suitable for euro cylinders. ... (more)
Klom snap gun - upward version
The Klom Snap Gun, complete with blades and tension tool, come in two versions: the original "upwards" version, and the new "downwards" version suitable for euro cylinders. ... (more)
Klom professional electric pick gun
A high quality budget electric pick gun complete with accessories. This is the newest  and latest version of this tool. Please note that this comes with a European style shaver plug and an adapter may have to be purchased separately if required. Comes complete in a branded KLOM hard case with an additional drill spindle and a large selction of tension tools, pick blades and spares. ... (more)
KLOM EPG Spare body.
Spare body for the KLOM electric pick gun. ... (more)
Replacement charger for DINO pick gun
Replacement charger for DINO pick gun ... (more)
12 Volt car charger for DINO pick gun
12 Volt car charger for DINO pick gun ... (more)
Klom Professional EPG European charger
A European charger for the Klom Professional pick gun. ... (more)
Pick gun blade set
A set of all 10 spare pick blades suitable for all electric pick guns and manual pick guns. Can be bought indvidually if required. ... (more)
Klom Professional EPG pick head
A pick head for the Klom Professional pick gun. ... (more)
Klom Professional EPG drill head
A drill head for the Klom Professional pick gun. ... (more)
Klom Professional EPG storage case
A hard klom branded storage case for the Klom Professional pick gun. ... (more)
Klom Professional EPG spare parts
A full accessories pack for the Klom Professional pick gun in a pouch. ... (more)
Premium electric pick gun plug converters
Charger adapters for Klom pick gun – European / British. A set of two. ... (more)
Premium electric pick gun charger for version 1 only
Charger adapters for premium pick gun – European or British. (for version 1 only) ... (more)
Premium electric pick gun 3-piece Allen key set
Three-piece Allen key set for premium pick gun. ... (more)
Premium electric pick gun Socket screwdriver
Socket screwdriver for premium pick gun. ... (more)
Individual premium quality pick blades
Individual premium quality blades suitable for electric and manual pick guns such as Klom, HPC, Wendt etc. ... (more)
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