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Overlifter keys

Our auto overlifter keys have been highly successful over the years. Requiring little skill they are are an easy entry option for many vehicles. Supplied as sets or as individual overlifter keys.

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ICL overlifter set
With the aid of the ICL overlifter set, it is possible to overcome many of the locking systems that share the basic principles and characteristics associated with the vast majority of auto locks found in the UK today. The overlifters operate by overlifting the locks tumblers whilst applying reasonable tension to bind the locking system, then allowing the wafers or pins to fall under controlled tension. It is possible to exploit the imperfections created during manufacture of the lock to assist with this simple yet effective technique. ... (more)
Universal 4-Track
Suitable for most four-track models. Effective when used with a suitable tension wrench.     ... (more)
Group A overlifter keys
HU66 VAG generation 1 Saab generation 1 (suitable for laser models up to approx 2004) Vauxhall HU43 (for Vectra and Omega models) Volvo HU56 (only for models with HU56 lock) NE78 (for Renault, Peugeot and Citroen with NE78 lock) ... (more)
Group B overlifter keys
VAG generation 2 BMW HU92 (for 2-track models) BMW HU58 (also for Landrover, Mercedes and Volvo 4-track models) Vauxhall HU100 (for all z series keys, most Vauxhall models after 2004) Volvo NE66 (only for models with NE66 lock) Mercedes Hu64 (only for models with HU64 lock) Ford HU101 (only for models with HU101 lock) HU83 (for Peugeot and Citroen with HU83 lock) VA2 (for latest Peugeot and Citroen with VA2 lock) SIPP22 (for latest Fiat Punto and some Citroen models with SIPP22 lock) ... (more)
Unboxed set of 19 laser overlifter keys
Unboxed set of 19 laser overlifter keys ... (more)
Unboxed set of 12 standard overlifter keys
Unboxed set of 12 standard overlifter keys ... (more)
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