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Walker Locksmiths 2016 / 2017 Products catalogue - E-DOWNLOAD
Walker Locksmiths 2016 / 2017 Products catalogue, E-DOWNLOAD     ... (more)
Walker Locksmiths Crossword - free download.
Walker Locksmiths Crossword - A free download when added to basket     ... (more)
Impressioning booklet
A useful booklet introducing the technique of key impressioning pin tumbler cylinders. ... (more)
The Complete Genuine Lishi 2 in 1 guide
Following on from the success of Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Genuine Lishi User Guide, Genuine Lishi Approved Trainer and Distributor, Tony Audsley has combined the two volumes and added more locks and tools to release The Complete Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 User Guide. This fantastic 2-in-1 User Guide is a comprehensive 136 page, illustrated guide detailing how the Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 tools interact with the locks when picking and decoding. The book outlines in detail how the tool interacts with the lock, where the wafers are and are not, w ... (more)
The Genuine Lishi Training Kit with DVD - New 2015 upgrade.
  We have recently updated the Genuine Lishi training kit, adding in new chapters which includes all the latest tools including the Patented Genuine Lishi Night Vision 3 in 1 tools pick and decoders.  Genuine Lishi tools are the most sought after amongst auto-locksmiths, the reason behind this is that Genuine Lishi is heavily invested in marketing, training, tooling, research and development as well as stock. We work with car manufacturers to keep ahead of the changes in lock design and technology and we ... (more)
Lishi 2-in-1 User Guide - Volume 2 !
This is the new Volume 2 of the best selling Lishi  "2 in 1" guide. This book covers these Lishi 2+1 decoder/picks: DAT17, GM37, GM37W, GM37 Ortec, GT10, GT15, HU49, HU56, HU66 (twin lever), HU92 (twin lever), HYN7R, HY15, HY16, HY20, MAZ24R, MIT11R, NE66, NE72, NE78, NSN11, SIP22, TOY2, Plus a 10 page section on the Ford Tibbe pick, and understanding the Tibbe door and ignition locks.   ... (more)
Whether you want to learn lockpicking or locksmithing, or choose locks that are virtually impossible to defeat, this classic will meet your needs. The top reference in the field since 1976, this book is perfect for everyone from beginners who want to master techniques step by illustrated step, to pros who need an up-to-date, comprehensive shop manual. The Seventh Edition features: Complete, illustrated coverage from a master locksmith Techniques and tips for lockpicking and fixing Safe opening and servicing techni ... (more)
Locksmithing: from Apprentice to Master: Joseph Rathjen
This text provides an overview and practical guide to the locksmith profession. It begins with an introduction by Steve Lasky, editor and vice-president of publishing for "Security Technician Magazine" and "Locksmith Ledger International". Part One discusses the business, including how to train for it, become employed, find a niche and advance toward higher certification. Part Two is a skill-building reference, focusing on techniques and technologies in this trade. Coverage includes how to set up a small, one-person shop, outfit the business, m ... (more)
The ICL Mortice Lock Manual -  promotion !
The ICL Mortice Lock Manual is a major new work, providing a comprehensive guide to mortice lock recognition and opening. Covering over 100 different mortice locks, it provides an invaluable locksmiths reference guide. With 160 pages, the manual covers: mortice lock measurements and technical detail mortice lock and keyhole identification non-destructive method of entry for each lock drill points for each lock how to use each mortice lock pick mortice lock terms glossary. The book is designed t ... (more)
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High-Security Mechanical Locks: An Encyclopedia: Graham Pulford
This is a comprehensive survey and explanation of the highly technical area of high security locks in a way that is accessible to a wide audience. Well over 100 different locks are presented, organized into six basic types. Each chapter introduces the necessary concepts in a historical perspective and further categorizes the locks. This is followed by detailed "how it works" descriptions with many pictures, diagrams and references. The descriptions are based on actual dissections of the real locks. The scope is limited to key operate ... (more)
Modern High-Security Locks: Steven Hampton
Master locksmith Steven Hampton, author of the best-selling Secrets of Lock Picking, takes the art of picking locks one step further with Modern High-Security Locks. Here he collects some of today's most popular pick-resistant locks and sets out to see which ones hold up to their claims. However complex a lock gets, it must be durable, dependable and user-friendly. It has to be tough enough to endure physical attack, but it can't be machined too tight or it will jam up with just a breath of dust. It must be simple and easy to lock and unlock wi ... (more)
Master Locksmithing: Bill Phillips
Written by a bestselling, industry-known author, Master Locksmithing is required reading for you if you're preparing for the Registered Professional Locksmithing Test or if you want to take your skills to an advanced level. You will find jargonfree, at-a-glance coverage of the skills, techniques, and systems essential to advancing from apprentice to master locksmith – and making your business more profitable. Bill Phillips is the president of the International Association of Home Safety and Security Professionals and is a security consul ... (more)
Visual Guide to Lock Picking: Mark McCloud
This is the definitive guide for learning the art of lock picking. Inside you will discover the secrets of the trade. By reading this book, practicing, and applying the methods introduced, you can successfully become a master at picking all the common locks of today. This book makes it easy and gives you the edge to quickly learn what it takes others years to gather. This book is a valuable addition to any collection and will open doors for you. Not only does this book cover what tools and techniques are needed to pick most common locks, but it ... (more)
Open the Door: Michael Bubl
This book is written in an easy to understand form with many step-by-step instruction guides and contains over 100 pictures. It is directed towards those who must quickly and frequently open doors like firemen, policemen, locksmiths and custodial staff, but also for the interested layman. This is a very complete work that leaves very few questions open. It contains very detailed descriptions of the techniques and tools used in the opening of cylinder locks, warded locks, auxiliary locks, closed but unlocked doors and cars. It describes both de ... (more)
Lishi 2-in-1 User Guide volume 1
This fully illustrated step-by-step guide using genuine Lishi 2-in-1 tools explains what is inside the lock and how to use your tool with ease. 62 pages in full colour, spiral bound, and available in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Portugese. ... (more)
E-Z Picking: Prolok
An easy way to learn the basic techniques of cylinder lock picking. Easy to understand, and includes: Full colour cut-away illustrations Step-by-step instructions Simple application High-Security Locks Practice tips and tricks Over 80 pages. ... (more)
Opening Combination Locks: Black
It is incredibly easy to forget the combination to padlocks on your own tool shed, gym locker or anywhere else these common locks are found. This handy, no-frills guide teaches you one thing and one thing only: how to open a padlock whose combination is forgotten, lost or garbled. Dissatisfied with existing books on padlock manipulation whose shortcomings caused a lot of useless and time-consuming effort, author Carl Black devised this foolproof system that allows quick entry into all combination padlocks without any guesswork or tools. He expl ... (more)
The Safe and Vault Manual: HPC
The Safe and Vault Manual is generally recognized as the bible of safe opening. Whether you are new to safe work or just interested in broadening your knowledge of safe locks, you will find this book contains valuable information covering a wide variety of safe lock topics. It includes: Over 250 illustrations, including internal drawings 1000 factory try-out combinations A section on original factory methods of safe and vault combination changing Hand Changing Key Changing Drilling Locations ... (more)
Locks, Safes and Security: An International Police Reference
This book has been written specifically for criminalists, investigators, security specialists and government agencies involved in covert operations. The book contains forty chapters that examine the subjects of locks, safes, and security in detail. The theory of each locking mechanism is presented, as well as the latest bypass tools and techniques for locks and safes. The author has been involved in the analysis and bypass of locks for the past thirty years, and has consulted with many government agencies and private corporations reg ... (more)
Keys: Their History and Collection: Eric Monk
The oldest keys known to exist date from around 4,000 BC in Ancient Egypt. These were simple wooden cylinders that were part of a mechanism to secure doors. By the time of the Roman Empire, metal keys were in common usage and had begun to adopt the recognizable pattern of keys today. This book tells the complete story of the key, backed by numerous photos from all time periods. Today, old keys are more than just security mechanisms. They are highly collectable artifacts that can either be artistically beautiful or coldly functional, but either ... (more)
The Paper Locksmith: Rob Ives
A collection of locks to cut out and glue together. They include three of the main varieties of lock: a combination lock a warded mortice lock a "Yale" style cylinder lock. All three locks are fully working when built. The models are colour-coded and are accompanied by a minibook describing the historical development of lock design and possibilities for the future. ... (more)
Advanced Lockpicking Secrets: Steven Hampton
This advanced manual brings locksmithing into the electronic age, with schematic diagrams for portable electronic picks to open magnetic key and card locks plus templates for making custom tools not available on the commercial market.Tips on enhancing finger sensitivity, increasing concentration power, constructing practice lock boxes and more will help you master the art and science of lock picking. ... (more)
How to open locks without keys or picks
This easy-to-understand, fully illustrated manual is a fine primer on the art of locksmithing without specialized tools. It discusses using jimmie and "shove knives," screwdrivers, drills, door frame spreaders, hacksaw blades, thumb tacks, elastic bands, and other common tools and items to open doors, windows, desks and cabinets.This classic booklet is fascinating reading for professional locksmiths. ... (more)
Improvised Lockpicking: Steven Hampton
Master locksmith Steven Hampton has over 40 years of experience in designing different ways to open locks without keys and has personally taught dozens of today's most talented locksmiths. In this book, Hampton reveals little-known secrets for devising quick and easy lock-picking tools on the spot, using common household items found in the average home, office or garage. Through photographs and detailed exploded drawings, you'll see how these improvised tools can be used to open a wide variety of locks found all over the world. You will also f ... (more)
Lock Picking Basics
This book makes learning the art of lock picking fun and easy. You don't have to waste your time guessing how it's done, reading some amateur's theories, or trying to learn from the movies (they always get it wrong). Now you can get accurate information that the professionals use. Their secrets have finally been revealed. Now you can understand the technology that has kept thieves at bay for centuries. Even in the time of antiquity, within the halls of the great pyramids, tomb raiders found their untold riches behind surprisingly sophisticated ... (more)
Practical Lock Picking: Deviant Ollam
Practical Lock Picking: a Physical Penetration Tester's Training Guide: Deviant Ollam For the first time, Deviant Ollam, one of the security industry's best-known lockpicking teachers, has assembled an instructional manual geared specifically toward penetration testers. Unlike other texts on the subject (which tend to be either massive volumes detailing every conceivable style of lock or brief "spy manuals" that only skim the surface) this book is for INFOSEC professionals that need essential, core knowledge of lockpicking and seek the a ... (more)
The Secrets of Lock Picking: Steven Hampton
Master locksmith Steven Hampton reveals here the tricks and tools for bypassing keyed and combination locks from pin tumbler locks, mushroom and spool pin tumbler locks, wafer tumbler locks, warded locks and disk tumbler locks to tubular cylinder locks, magnetic locks, door locks, padlocks and automobile locks.Find the key to "seeing" into every lock and discovering its simplicity. ... (more)
The Book of Auto Locks
This new auto locksmith book provides detailed information on vehicle locks. It features exploded views of locks, with detailed explanations and tips on lock removal, stripping, decoded, rebuilding and repairing locks. Containing over 100 laminated pages of information in a sturdy binder. ... (more)
Locksmith Business Package
A comprehensive business package on how to start a locksmithing business on a DVD, complete with a free accountancy software. Internet/Offline Advertising Guide – advice on growing your business further. Time Management Guide – how to manage your time and keep disciplined when working for yourself Business Plan template of a locksmith business – a useful guidance plan for your own business plan to present to the bank to help raise finance Free accountant consultation – We can arrange for one of our dedicated accountants ... (more)
Fictional books about locksmiths
Locksmith: Nicholas Maes Twelve-year-old Lewis Castorman is a master locksmith: there is no lock on earth that he is unable to open. He is therefore flattered when world-renowned chemist Ernst K. Grumpel invites him to his office in New York City and offers him a lock-picking assignment. His confidence quickly turns to dismay, however, when he learns this job will take him to Yellow Swamp in northern Alberta, the scene of a disastrous chemical spill a year earlier. He is also horrified to discover that Grumpel is utterly ruthless and ... (more)
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